Veera Virintie, M.A., and Johanna Vilmi, M.A.

Silta Education, Finland

Veera Virintie, a scientist focusing on education and neuroscience, and psychologist Johanna Vilmi will talk about the causes of today’s concentration issues and offer concrete, science-based tools to help improve concentration. Their Silta Focus method has been researched at the University of Helsinki and tested in an online training programme that aims to improve students’ concentration, motivation and stress management for greater academic success.

Why are Concentration Problems on the Rise and How to Improve Students’ Concentration

An increasing number of people around the world are experiencing concentration issues. In Finland, home to the world’s leading education system, students’ concentration issues doubled during the pandemic. Similarly, burnout among schoolchildren and students is on the rise. In their talk, they will highlight the following key points:

  1. The global crisis: our ability to concentrate is on the decline, which has an impact on learning, problem-solving and well-being.
  2. Although the current environment hinders our concentration, we can learn to concentrate – it is a skill that requires training.
  3. You will learn the most important tools you can use to improve concentration and learning in school, based on neuroscience.