25 March 2023 – The event is over.
Brdo pri Kranju Congress Centre

International Conference on the Future of Education

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Gain insights into the latest trends in digital education and interactive teaching tools.
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Who is this conference's target audience and why?

The Power of Digital Education conference will bring together in one place experts, national and international, representatives of decision-makers and the latest trends in digital educational tools.

Strategies will be presented to strengthen digital competences, skills to develop innovation and ways to empower students for the new hyperactive media reality.

We will learn how a range of interactive tools can help bring learning materials closer to the diverse learner types and how virtual reality technologies can be used to improve students’ communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

We will bring together local knowledge, experience and skills on the one hand, and global perspectives on the other, as we explore the future of digital education. Do join in!

Excellent talks and expert speakers

Charitable purpose

All proceeds from ticket sales (excluding VAT) for the Power of Digital Education conference will go to the ROK Foundation for Gifted Students.

The ROK Foundation was established before the start of the 2013/14 school year, with the aim of providing financial support to gifted Slovenian school-age children whose living conditions prevent them from developing their talents in the fields of science, sport, culture and education, and with a desire to encourage others to lend a helping hand as well. For detailed information on how to apply for financial aid, please visit www.fundacijarok.si, where you can also find an application form to request support for your students.

Registration fees

For Educators

15.00 € incl. VAT


Early bird 36€
do 10.2. 2023

For Non-Educators

150.00 € incl. VAT


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Where the best minds come together

Brdo Congress Centre
Predoslje 39
4000 Kranj

The renowned and state-of-the-art Brdo Congress Centre will host a unique gathering of the best minds in the field of digital education and related technologies. National and international representatives in the field of education – educators, ministry representatives, innovators, representatives of the digitisation of education, editors of interactive materials, representatives of the informatics society, and psychologists – will share with us their innovative approaches to the introduction of digital tools in the classroom. This unique opportunity offers primary (6-9) and secondary school teachers, primary and secondary school headteachers, counsellors, students and educational staff the chance to learn about best practices and expertise in the field of digital education.

Our warmest thanks go to

  • Ministry of Digital Transformation of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Digitisation of Education Department, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Ministry of Education of the Portuguese Republic
  • Nyenrode Business University, The Netherlands
  • Slovenian Society Informatika
  • Bodyswaps, United Kingdom
  • Silta Education, Finland

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