Tatjana Kupljenik

Digital Learning Resources Editor, Rokus Klett Publishing

Her first encounter with teaching was during her time as a university student, when she volunteered as a substitute teacher. At that time, she was particularly drawn to working with special needs students, which had a significant impact on her later career as a teacher. During her 16 years working as a teacher, she developed new approaches to teaching, integrated modern learning tools and created simple learning materials, including digital content. She was involved in a number of eTwinning and Erasmus+ projects. She has been part of the Rokus Klett Publishing team since 2019. In her work, she draws on a wealth of experience from the classroom and implements her ideas in brand-new ways.

New Generation of Digital Learning Resources: IzziRokus

The IZZI ROKUS digital learning platform with interactive materials for primary and secondary school teachers and students is an exceptional tool for modern teachers who are looking to use the most advanced teaching methods in the classroom. Using animations, simulations, videos, interactive exercises, quizzes and other engaging and informative content offers teachers greater flexibility and adaptability in their teaching. This often includes the possibility of changing the material layout between the teacher, the basic and the advanced variants. All of this contributes to better understanding and acquisition of knowledge for students. This talk will explore:

  • Advanced materials for a more modern way of teaching and learning;
  • A range of additional tools;
  • Special adjustments.