Jana Pertot Tomažič

Teacher of Slovenian and Internationally Certified NLP Trainer

Jana Pertot Tomažič is a teacher of Slovenian and an internationally certified NLP trainer. She has extensive experience of teaching at different levels of education. She currently teaches Slovenian at a grammar and secondary school, where she also mentors the debate club. She previously taught Slovenian and rhetoric at a primary school for many years. As a peer reviewer, speaker, moderator and member of the programme committee, she has participated in national and international teacher conferences. She is also Head of the Introvizija Centre for Counselling and Education and cooperates with the Argument Educational Centre, where she organises training sessions on effective communication, learning, leadership, public speaking, etc. for various institutions. 

Different Learner Types, Different Teaching Types

Every day, teachers are faced with the challenge of how to get our students to understand and remember what we teach them. In doing so, we tend to draw on our own experiences. Most often, we do things in ways that are familiar to us or that we ourselves have used to help us remember the matter more easily. Yet what has worked for us does not always work for others. Learners use different ways of receiving and storing information, the so-called sensory channels. Some prefer to see the information, others to hear it, some like to sense it and some want to discover it on their own. As the classroom is made up of different types of learners, it is important to make sure that all three learner types – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic – are addressed during the lesson. 

In this talk, attendees will learn about:

  • The three different types of learners based on their preferred sensory channel;
  • The ways of learning that suit each of those types;
  • The importance of multi-sensory teaching.