Dieter Jan Vlaminck, MA and MPhil

Nyenrode Business University, The Netherlands

Dieter-Jan Vlaminck MA MPhil. I graduated in a research master Cultural Studies with a focus on media and technology. Between 2014 and 2022 I was head of innovation at an educational publisher for primary and secondary education, in which I worked on EdTech projects for iPad education, open online content sites and teacher training via mobile microlearning, all of which were used in practice in secondary high schools. I led an initiative to stimulate scientific research in effective and efficient learning strategies in primary education. Currently I am consultant digital learning at Nyenrode Business university where I head the committee for blended learning and the learning design for the online MBA program.

How to Empower Learners in an AI-Accelerated Hyperreality

How do students work on their media literacy in the age of an extreme acceleration of simulated media? Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, AI generated texts and images, Deepfakes. All these technological developments in media and communication challenge knowledge and knowledge institutions. The underlying principles of these developments are not new, but the accelerated pace increases the urgency to rethink curriculum goals and methods. Now more than ever, it is important to equip students with critical thinking skills, and this lecture focuses on models that can be used to design your lessons to foster those skills.