Dr. Eva Boštjančič

Associate Professor in Psychology of Work and Organizations, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

Eva Boštjančič is Associate Professor in Psychology of Work and Organizations at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts (University of Ljubljana). Her research interests include the areas of talent, intercultural intelligence, leadership, returning to work after burnout or extended sick leave, etc. She also provides counselling, runs workshops, delivers talks to people working in business and the public sector, and manages the website www.psihologijadela.com.

Good Energy is (Your) Strength – A Psychological Perspective on Teacher Motivation

In increasingly complex school situations, the teacher has been and remains an educator, a pedagogue, a motivator and, of course, a role model. The role of the teacher is demanding, the workload is increasing, and the expectations of parents are often unrealistic.  Where can I find myself? What is my mission? Why did I choose this profession? What inspires me? In this talk, we will explore areas that we all know but forget about. This talk will:

  • help raise awareness of what made us decide to choose this profession;
  • help us realise that we come first;
  • give us ideas on where to look for inspiration.